How full is too full?

There are some truisms that people don’t question. Eat your vegetables. Drink plenty of fluids. Embrace change. Don’t procrastinate. Come on, we all know we need to get off the couch and seize the day, preferably while well hydrated.

Dalai 7So about six months ago, I got fired up about going after something I wanted. It happens once in awhile. The person I share my life with bought into my idea, and that could have been the first problem. You see, what I wanted was complicated and expensive and going to take a real lot of effort. Sort of like the time that I decided what I wanted most in life was to sail around the world. Only that time, my partner had the good sense to suggest a long soak in the tub and big glass of wine instead.

This time, however, he got caught up in the moment too. In some ways he and I are very different, and that is good. We do share certain traits, though, and one of them is stubbornness. This time around our persistence worked to keep as going as we got further and further into what we had started. Our days became tiring. Our bank account got drained. His hobbies fell by wayside and I had to leave my writing and blogging and even my online games. We lost track of our favorite shows. It was a sad state of affairs.

And now, about six months after we started, we are nearly done. We haven’t built a cathedral or composed a symphony, but we have taken an older and not particularly well-kept home filled with junk and we’ve cleaned it, sorted it, fixed it and nearly sold it. We’ve bought our freedom, in a sense, by getting up off the couch and going through closets and giving things away, and by fixing things we didn’t even realize were broken. I learned to caulk. He got over his fear of plumbing. We’ve had some fun and laughed at ourselves and then again we’ve gone to bed a lot with backaches, barely speaking to each other.

I wonder if one can make their days too full? We might have. Tonight I’m going to forgo the water and the vegetables,  and take a long soak in the tub and drink a big glass of wine instead. I’ll figure it out there.

For more about facing the results of seizing the day, see my post “Happy Yet?

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