Being provocative is good…REALLY???

Thanks to the fine blog “The Culture Monk” for a great post on the dangers of closing an open mind — no matter what door you slam shut. Read the entire post here.

Culture Monk

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By Kenneth Justice

~ “Dude, that’s one damn provocative question!” he said

One of the things I love about hanging out with my Arab American friends is that we can have serious dialogue and debate, asking each other really tough questions and at the end of the day shake hands and not hold grudges against each other.

Not having been to the Middle East I can’t say whether or not that is a cultural trait of Arabs throughout the world or merely an antidotal thing I’ve experienced with my Arab American friends who’ve migrated to the United States.

The older I get the more I’ve noticed that much of American culture gets really defensive when you ask questions or make generalizations aimed at stimulating conversation. My uncle Bob was fond of saying that defensiveness is often the first response whenever someone is proposed a premise that contradicts their…

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