A Simple Lesson

I’ve taken a bit of break from blogging for a lot of good reasons. Finishing my fifth novel, d4, turned out to be more of an overwhelming experience than I expected, and the timing overlapped with producing a mild rewrite of my first novel x0. I’m proud of all my efforts but, as I keep learning the hard way, you can only do so much.

hippiepeace9If you try to do more, you are likely to not get enough sleep, grow frustrated with everyone you care about, and eventually with everyone you don’t. Pretty soon you are honking at random strangers because they have dared to slow you down for two seconds and you realize that you’ve become the very person you hate. It’s time to stop glaring at the people ahead of you in the check out line and let go of something.

So for over a month I let go of my blogging, which I love, and Facebook and reading other people’s blogs and almost every online activity I enjoy. For the last month I have been focused, very focused and even that still wasn’t quite enough for me to go back to being as pleasant a person as I would like to be. But it was close.

The novel d4 is now in the hands of my first beta reader, and the new and improved x0 is available everywhere that the old one once was. I’m on vacation. A real vacation, where I can stare out at mountains and I’m not on a computer all day working. Where I can write on my blogs just because I want to and most of all where I can remind myself that life is good and that I just need to calm down and get through the crazy times because good ones always follow. It’s such a simple lesson. I hope that I remember it next time.

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  1. Love this, Sherrie! Writing is hard work. Pema Chodron is wonderful, and a writer, too. Such wisdom. Congratulations, girl, and enjoy your vacay. Aloha from Hawaii. 🙂

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