Thank you Dalai Lama
Thank you Dalai Lama

My daughter just graduated from college, and for weeks I have been searching all over for some small meaningful gift to give her.  I’ve always liked the quote that the two greatest things that you can give your child is roots and wings. Imagine my delight when I found the perfect gift on the Dalai Lama’s Facebook page. (You didn’t know that he also helps with shopping?) I printed out this quote he displayed, put it in a frame that said “believe” and was pretty pleased with myself.

Because I was afraid that I might mess up trimming the display, I printed two copies. When one copy sufficed, I stuck the other on on my wall at work, not wanting to waste it.

Let me clarify. I think that inspirational quotes are good for a fast read,  but I’m not such a fan of looking at them over and over. I Butterflyfigure I’m a fairly quick study, and I don’t need to keep seeing a message. However, it looks like that isn’t always true. This past week I’ve smiled every time I read this, and started my morning determined to spend my day as a butterfly. It seems to improve both my behavior and my outlook. Whee. Look at me. I can fly. I can’t say why, and I’ve certainly got nothing against a sweet fuzzy caterpillar, either. All I know is that I haven’t taken it down yet, and don’t intend to anytime soon.

It’s great to give a gift that seems perfect, but it looks like in this case the person who got the best gift was me.

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