Bubblegum … not just for kids

bubblegumWiki says that bubblegum music is “contrived and marketed to appeal to pre-teens and teenagers, is produced in an assembly-line process … often using unknown singers and has an upbeat sound. … a catchy melody, simple chords, simple harmonies, [and] dancy (but not necessarily danceable) beats…

What’s not to like about that? As far as the fifty year old hero of z2, Alex, is concerned, nothing. Alex has plenty of mature thoughts, but he thinks that music is for whistling, and exercising to and bubble gum works just fine. In fact, he is rather proud of his collection spanning five decades of catchy music with a beat and not a lot of complicated messages.

I listened to a lot of bubblegum music to come up with the nine songs to include in this novel. Two that initially made the cut and then were later rejected were Vanity Fare’s 1970 hit “Hitchin’ a Ride” and NSYNC’s 2000 hit “Bye Bye Bye”.

Have a little innocent fun yourself checking out this video of Hitchin’ a Ride.

Then release your inner child of 2000 and sing along to Bye Bye Bye

For more on music in novels, check out my x0 blog here for reasons why you should not quote lyrics in your book and my y1 blog here for songs I wished I had used.

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