I don’t like name calling either ….

troll….and so when somebody I like calls somebody I don’t like a nasty name, I try to reverse the roles. I mean, how would I feel if Justice Scalia, who has never impressed me as a supreme court justice or a human, called Rachel Maddow (who I adore) a troll.  I’d be, upset, right? People should not call people names.

So I was relieved to discover that troll has a meaning other than being a pejorative way of calling somebody a short, dumb and mean creature. A troll literally trolls the internet, seeking to cause random harm and discomfort by posting offensive remarks. Rachel thought that Judge Scalia took a similar approach in his comments from the bench, liking to stir up controversy.  Well, that would explain some of the man’s offhand remarks.

Whether you like Rachel or Judge Scalia or neither (hard to like both I think) you might enjoy this interview with Rachel on the Daily Show. (Posted by the Huffington Post.) She got to listen to some of the supreme court discussion on repealing the Voter Right’s Act.  This effort interests me because it sounds so very much like something my z2 villain Tina Johnson and her friends would like to accomplish.  Is this effort spearheaded by hate groups?  Or just appreciated by them?  I suspect the latter but think it is a question worth asking.


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